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Are Nicotine Pouches Safe? Why Do People Use Them?

16 Apr 2024
Are Nicotine Pouches Safe? Why Do People Use Them? - Power Vape Shop

Nicotine pouches have gained significant popularity as a smoke-free alternative among people who struggle with intense tobacco cravings and are trying to quit smoking. Nicotine pouches or Nicopods are also being considered by people who are curious about smoking but not ready to deal with the consequences of traditional smoking. This interest is due in part to the products' convenient packaging and discreet design. They do not contain tobacco or any of its by-products, but they do contain nicotine! Despite their popularity, debates continue between marketers of nicotine pouches and the health industry regarding their safety and effectiveness. This blog explores the main facts and safety assessments of nicotine pouches.

What Are Nicotine Pouches?

Nicotine pouches, also known as Nicopods, offer a smokeless alternative for consuming nicotine without tobacco or its by-products. As the name refers nicotine pouches come in a pouch or small bag which contains nicotine, flavourings, water, sweeteners and plant-based fibres and are usually sold in sets of 12-20 pouches per box. Many brands market their nicotine pouches as an environment-friendly option, featuring catch lids for convenient disposal of used pouches. Also unlike e-cigarettes, they don’t need batteries or accessory devices. Many popular brands sell these products, some famous names include Pablo and Killa and they come in convenient and discreet product designs. Nicotine pouches are available in various flavours and nicotine strengths and are beneficial to a broad range of users looking for an alternative nicotine source.

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There are plenty of smokeless products in the market as an alternative to traditional smoking such as snuff, snuss, and chewing tobacco, but what makes Nicopods different from them is their 100% tobacco-free composition. Nicotine pouches are considered one of the best stop-smoking aids, as a first step in helping chain smokers and those struggling to quit to manage their nicotine cravings. They are designed to fit discreetly under the lip and provide a flavorful experience without smoke.

Are Nicotine Pouches Safe?

Are nicotine pouches safe? yes, theoretically they are viewed as less harmful compared to traditional cigarettes that involve burning tobacco. This burning process releases many harmful chemicals, so nicotine pouches offer a cleaner alternative by eliminating the smoke. However, Nicopods contain nicotine, which can be addictive, so logically they come with their own health risks, like any other products.

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Nicotine pouches are relatively new to the industry. Introduced in the early 2000s by a startup called Niconovum, they were officially launched in the market in 2008 as a medicinal nicotine alternative. So far, they are considered a better option for cigarette smokers looking to switch, as their side effects are generally less severe. To fully understand the effects of using nicotine pouches, more research is needed to assess their long-term consequences on human health. According to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), nicotine pouches are not considered a 100% safe alternative to traditional smoking as their long-term health impacts remain unknown.

The absence of tobacco in nicotine pouches does reduce exposure to certain carcinogens compared to other smokeless tobacco products like snus, snuff and chewing tobacco, which may cause cancers, gum disease, tooth loss, and most of the same side effects as traditional tobacco products that require burning, such as cigarettes.

For chain smokers who burn more than 10 cigarettes a day, switching to lycopods could be considered a possible option. In all other cases, it is highly recommended to talk to a healthcare provider before considering them as a safe stop-smoking aid.

Why People Use Nicotine Pouches

Nicotine pouches are popular among smokers trying to quit and non-smokers are curious about smoking but cautious of its side effects. Nicopods are not specifically designed or introduced as a 100% safe alternative to smoking or as a healthy stop-smoking aid, but a lot of people consume them and consider it a less harmful option to reduce their tobacco intake. Unlike cigarettes, nicotine pouches come in various nicotine strengths and flavours, giving consumers the freedom to choose their nicotine dosage. This flexibility is another reason for their growing popularity. The variety of flavours and strengths also makes them appealing to those trying to gradually reduce their smoking habits.

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Nicotine pouches are convenient and discreet as they don't need batteries or accessories, and once consumed they won't even be visible to others. Many users view them as a suitable alternative to smoking since they can be used anywhere without the harmful effects of tobacco smoke. Similarly, there are plenty of reasons why people use nicotine pouches; however, it is vital to note that although they help in reducing tobacco use, they are not officially recognised as a quit-smoking aid.

How to Use Nicotine Pouches

Using nicotine pouches is simple and discreet, making them popular among users who prefer not to draw attention. Users place a pouch between the lip and gum and leave it there while the nicotine and flavours are gradually absorbed through the gums. This method provides a nicotine hit without the need to inhale smoke or vapor, and without producing any residue or spit. Some manufacturers recommend slightly chewing or moving the pouches around the mouth for an enhanced and long-lasting flavour experience. However, you should carefully read the instructions on your nicotine pouch box before chewing it, because some brands strictly advise against it! This convenience and cleanliness are part of what makes nicotine pouches appealing to many people looking for an alternative to smoking. If you are a beginner follow these simple steps to use a nicotine pouch;

Step 1: Twist and open the box of nicotine pouches, take a single pouch and place it between your lip and gum(after gently pulling your lip). Its discreet shape will allow a comfortable fit under any lip, lower or upper. Once placed, it becomes unnoticeable, even if you talk or laugh.

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Step 2: You will start to feel a gentle tingling sensation in the gums where the nicotine pouch is in contact; this usually lasts from 1 to 15 minutes. After that, you will begin to experience the refreshing nicotine flavour around your mouth.

Step 3: For new users, it is recommended to keep the pouch in your mouth for a maximum of 15 minutes. Once you become familiar with its use, it is okay to keep it in your mouth for up to 60 minutes.

Step 4: Dispose of used pouches responsibly. Most nicotine pouches come with a catch lid to store the used ones before disposal.

Nicotine pouches offer a smoke-free alternative to conventional tobacco products and are perceived by many users as a safer option. However, those considering nicotine pouches should be aware of the fact that they are not an official smoking alternative endorsed by the FDA because of the ongoing uncertainty regarding their long-term health impacts. So it is highly recommended to consult healthcare providers before starting or continuing the use of nicotine pouches to ensure that users make informed and safe usage decisions.

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