Vape Coils

Browse our largest collection of vape coils, designed to meet the needs of every vaper! Here, you will find a range of mouth-to-lung (MTL) and sub-ohm coils by reputable brands, including Smok, Innokin, Vaporesso, Voopoo, Geek Vape and Aspire. These coils are an integral part of an e-cigarette and vape tank, which allows you to enjoy flavoursome vapours by heating the e-liquid. You will find different types of vape coils UK in our coils catalogue, such as classic Kanthal, ceramic, and mesh coils.

All our coils are featured with the latest push-pull installation designs. These designs make the replacement process quick and easy. Every coil comes with its own resistance range and is designed to be compatible with certain e-liquids. Take a plunge and deep dive into our best vape coils range to select the perfect coil that perfectly fits your vape kits and tank for optimum results.

What Is A Vape Coil?

A vape kit comprises three main components: a tank holding the e-juice, a battery providing power, and a coil. The coil is an essential part which is located inside the vape tank. It consists of a coiled wire wrapped in a wicking material or cotton. The wick in the pod is saturated with vape juice, and when heated, the coil heats up and converts into inhalable vapours. Coils come in different resistance ranges or ohms that allow you to personalise your vaping experience according to your preferences.

What Are The Different Types Of Vape Coils:

Based on the material, resistance and structure, the coils are categorised into various types; some of the commonly used are discussed in the following catalogue:

  • Mesh Coil: This coil is one of the most popular types to revolutionise your vaping experience. Also, these coils have a large surface area, enabling them to heat more vape liquid rapidly and will make your vaping experience more satisfactory.
  • Ceramic Coil: This coil vape uses a premium metal heating element and differs from others based on the wicking material. Rather than wicking or cotton material, these coils use the wick of both ceramic and cotton build and will give you a better e-liquid flavour.
  • Temperature Control Coil: These high-quality vaping coils are well-designed to operate with advanced vape kits that allow the alterations of temperature control according to your preferences. However, these coils are constructed with the fusion of stainless steel, titanium, and nickel and work efficiently with kits.
  • Rebuildable Coils: Designed perfectly to work with the rebuildable vaping kits and are available in various resistances. In addition, these coils are well-constructed for MTL vapers and those individuals who prefer to vape in DTL.

What Is Resistance, And Which Resistance Vape Coil Should I Use?

A coil resistance is the power required to heat the coil to its desired temperature. The greater the resistance, the less current will flow through the coil. The equation used to explain this is;


Where I represents the ‘current’, V denotes the “Voltage’, and R represents the ‘Resistance”. In the case of coils, the resistance is measured in ohms. Vape devices generally contain two types of coils: (A) Plus Ohm (High resistance coils) and (B) Sub-ohm (lower resistance coils).

  • Lower-Resistance Coils (Sub-Ohm Coils): A lower-resistance coil vape is generally used in high-power vape kits. Since the high-power vape kit utilises maximum VG, which is generally thick, it requires more power to evaporate. ‘Sub-ohm coil’ has a resistance below 1.0ohm, i.e., 0.5ohm and 0.8ohm, so it heats the e-juice quickly. The lower resistance allows the coil to rapidly pass the current and heat the thick VG, ultimately giving more clouds.
  • High-Resistance Coil (Plus-Ohm Coils): Lower-power vape kits contain high-resistance coils. The e-liquid in lower power devices has nic salt and maximum PG. They are usually designed to give ex-smokers a smoking-like sensation. They relatively need less power to heat the e-juice. Therefore, these kits carry plus-ohm coils. i.e., 1.0 ohm and 2ohm. The high-resistance coil heats the e-juice effectively and delivers the perfect taste.
  • Suitable Coil For You: If you use a vape mod or any other high-power vape device, you should opt for an ohm coil. Alternatively, a lower-power device with high coil resistance will be best if you are a beginner vaper.